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We built a basic website, and Air Bed and Breakfast was born. Three lucky guests got to stay on a $20 airbed on the hardwood floor. But they loved it. And so did we. We took them on adventures around the city.


— Joe Gebbie, co-founder of Airbnb

In order to stay ahead of the competition, an online presence is a must. In fact, there aren’t many businesses that can accomplish this crucial requirement without a proper website.

It goes without saying that your business needs a website.

Your company’s website is a highly effective marketing tool: it can be very cost-efficient, it can be customized according to your current goals and requirements, and it can be scaled up further alongside your growing sales and operations.

Talk to our Team DHQ today about your business website requirements, and let’s go through your available web development and web design options.

Wordpress Websites

Our most popular line of websites; WordPress-powered websites are great for just about any small- to medium-sized brand or business venture.

Custom Websites

Stand out above the rest with a more custom-designed website, with added functionalities and modules via plugins also powered with WordPress.

Advanced Web Solutions

For e-commerce websites, community portals, mobile app integrations, and other advanced online requirements, Team DHQ will field a dedicated team just for you.

Domain names and websites are Internet real estate.

— Marc Ostrofsky, venture capitalist, entrepreneur & best-selling author

10 Things Your Website Should Do For You

Your website is a very powerful tool, and whether you’re building a brand or building a business, there are a number of key advantages just by having a website. Here are 10 things your website can do for you:

1. Create an online presence.
2. Help build trust.
3. Get listed on search engines.
4. Allow customers to contact you 24/7.
5. Leverage social networks.
6. Sell products and services.
7. Share your expertise.
8. Establish authority.
9. Connect with your customers.
10. Allow for customer convenience.

Booking.com started with just a website, but we’ve always thought of our company as being more than just a website.

— Gillian Tans, CEO of Booking.com

Common Concerns When Building a Website

Having been in the business of building business websites for small- to medium-sized enterprises, we’d like to think we’ve done a good job in educating our market. That said, here are three common concerns when setting up a new website.

1. Cost

While there is an up-front fee to design your website, the maintenance costs can be rather minimal. Considering the long-term benefits a website will provide, the investment in developing your business website should be well worth it.

2. Going Online

Even if you don’t sell your goods or services online, your website provides a great number of benefits and advantages to you (see above). Establishing trust, strengthening your brand, forging better customer relations, are just some of the reasons why you should have your own website.

3. Content and Updates

You won’t be needing a lot of content to have a website. Of course, while investing more time and effort into developing content for your site is a different game altogether, merely having an online presence is still better than none. Besides, you can decide to scale up even a most basic website later, as your business and resources grow.

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